Alan Taylor Will Direct That SOPRANOS Prequel Movie

In which THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK lands a familiar name.

Back in March, we learned that David Chase had co-written, and would produce, a Sopranos prequel movie for New Line. To be called The Many Saints of Newark, the film was said to take place during the Newark riots of the '60s, and would feature Tony's mother, Livia, and his uncle, Junior, as characters.

This writer's memory of that announcement is that Sopranos fans were divided as to whether or not this was a good idea, but that's really neither here nor there: The Many Saints of Newark was happening, and we could shut our lips and give it a shot or we could...well, we could just shut our lips.

Anyway, now we know who's directing the film: according to The Wrap, Alan Taylor has stepped up to helm the project. In recent years, Taylor has become known to most audiences as the director of Thor: The Dark World and the extremely unfortunate Terminator: Genisys, but longtime Sopranos nerds also know the director as one of that series' most valuable players (of course Taylor also directed episodes of Boardwalk Empire, Six Feet Under, Mad Men and Deadwood, but my point here is that his Sopranos bonafides are unimpeachable; if someone's gonna direct this thing, Taylor's a solid choice).

Nothing further to report on this one at this time, but we're very curious to know more, and will be keeping our eyes peeled for further updates. Stay tuned for more on The Many Saints of Newark as those updates roll in.