Zachary Quinto Confirms Tarantino’s STAR TREK Would Involve The Nu-Trek Cast

Gentle reminder that we find it highly unlikely this movie is actually gonna happen.

For all the digital ink we've spilled over Quentin Tarantino's proposed Star Trek movie, do any of us really believe it's gonna happen? Our own Andrew Todd did some digging and arrived at an interesting theory on what Tarantino might wanna do with the keys to the franchise, and lord knows Trek fans and Tarantino fans alike are (mostly) hyped at the very idea of such a thing.

We, too, would be absolutely thrilled if this movie actually came to pass. But do we really believe it's gonna happen? Not so much.

And, hey, you know who else isn't convinced? Star Trek's own Zachary Quinto, who had the following to say in a new interview on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast (all quotes below via the good folks over at The Playlist):

“Until deals are done and contracts are signed and schedules are cleared, nothing is set in stone, so anything can happen."

Sounds like this thing's a far cry from being a done deal, in other words. But, hey, while we're here, here's another mildly interesting thing Quinto said during the same interview:

"My understanding is Quentin had this idea and they were shaping it and forming it and he is off to do his Manson movie. And it would be after that, that [the 2009 cast] would go maybe do one with him. Which is pretty exciting, pretty cool.”

This isn't terribly surprising: we knew from the get-go that Tarantino and JJ Abrams were in cahoots on this one, which all but guaranteed the involvement of the "Nu-Trek" cast, and we also know that Simon Pegg has heard Tarantino's pitch for a Star Trek movie, which would also seem to indicate the film is something this generation of Trek players might be a part of. Still, though, nice to hear it laid out very plainly like that.

Anyway, if the Tarantino Trek movie actually happens, we will be thrilled. But until then, we're taking all of these vague updates with a gigantic grain of salt. Stay tuned for further updates, right up until we learn that Tarantino's attention has been drawn elsewhere in the wake of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.