Idris Elba Will Play The Villain In The FAST & FURIOUS Spin-Off

In which HOBBS AND SHAW continues to sound awesome.

Sounds like Universal's long-gestating Fast & Furious spin-off, Hobbs and Shaw, has just found its villain: according to Variety, none other than Idris Elba will be facing off against The Rock and Jason Statham in David Leitch's film. It's hard to imagine there will be any survivors.

As of this writing, there's nothing further to report about Elba's character - we don't even have a name to go on yet - but it's undeniably exciting to hear that he's joining the project. My man is long overdue a role in a big-ass summer blockbuster (yes, he was in Star Trek Beyond and The Jungle Book, but he was also basically unrecognizable in those roles, for obvious reasons), and he'll for make a formidable opponent against Statham and The Rock.

We're also still not clear on Hobbs and Shaw's actual logline: we know the mismatched pair will be teaming up to some degree, and now we know they'll have a stone-cold badass to go up against, but that's about it. We're guessing that, whatever the plot entails, it will include the wanton destruction of public property and a many chumps receiving roundhouse kicks to the face.

Hobbs and Shaw hits theaters (against Tyrese's wishes) on July 26th, 2019. Stay tuned for further updates as they roll in!