TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode 11: The Republican Convention

In which Scott and Shultz wade behind enemy lines (and play FMK: STAR WARS Edition with special guest Ash Crossan).

Following up the Wal-Mart Challenge was a tall order for the Trying Times podcast. Our latest challenge needed to be unpleasant and elaborate, potentially hazardous and fun, but not so much that anyone might end up in a coma. When we heard San Antonio was having its very own Republican Convention on the 15th of June, we knew we'd found the perfect fit. 

And so, my co-host, Katie Shultz, and I formulated a plan. It involved access to multiple outfits, interviewing as many people as we could on site, and creating two signs that we could proudly wave while standing in front of the convention itself (that's them up top). Things did not go according to plan, as per usual, but finding out how they didn't go according to plan was, as always, part of the fun. 

This episode finds us joined by special guest Ash Crossan, noted Star Wars aficionado  and the reigning "Porg Queen" of Twitter. The first half of this episode finds Ash interviewing Shultz and I about our experiences at the Republican Convention, while the back half finds us sorting through the wreckage of Star Wars fandom (and playing a very special edition of Fuck, Marry, Kill). 

Please put it in your earholes now.

Since Shultz relocated to Houston, we've turned Trying Times into a quarterly show; lining up both of our schedules with enough time to execute a challenge, record a podcast about it and have a special guest available on that date has become a Trying Times challenge in and of itself. That's certainly bummer news for anyone wishing we were doing the podcast more frequently, but chin up: we've been chipping away at a new show that won't require either of us to be in the same city at the same time, and the results so far have been encouraging. More on all that at a later date.

For now, enjoy, and we'll be back in a few months with a new report on whatever our next idiotic stunt turns out to be (pssst: we want to swim with sharks).