INDIANA JONES 5 And The Brand-New 2021 Release Date

Better late than never? We guess?

A few weeks back, we learned that Steven Spielberg's long-gestating and as-yet-untitled Indiana Jones 5 was getting pushed back from its original release date (July 10th, 2020) to some undetermined point in the future, perhaps as much as a year.

Today, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we have a new release date - July 9th, 2021. 

So, yeah, that's about a year. Not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. Honestly, we're just kinda surprised they've already redated this sequel: the earlier reports about Indiana Jones 5's delay carried a strong undercurrent of "Mmmyeah, we'll get around to this when we get around to it", but establishing a new release date indicates that Spielberg and company are still very serious about pulling the trigger (for the record, we're still not entirely convinced this one's gonna happen, but look: giving things the side-eye is basically all we know how to do). 

Anyway, adjust your calendars and get back to whatever you were doing. Much more to come on this one, so just stay tuned.