James Mangold Dismisses BOBA FETT Rumors as “Gossip”, Begins Shooting FORD V. FERRARI

F*ck your Midichlorians, bub.

While Lucasfilm scrambles to do damage control after the "rumor" leaked that all further Star Wars spin-off stories were put on hold following the BTS strife and BO disappointment with Solo (a leak they've denied up and down), certain talented individuals have taken to bullhorning their opinions in the digital streets regarding both the franchise's future and fanbase.

One of the more vocal artists is James Mangold, who was supposedly going to be making a stand-alone Boba Fett movie (which many were, uh, slightly skeptical of). Just last week, the Logan visionary got into it on Twitter regarding the toxicity of SW fandom, saying:

When the goofballs who take these sort of space wizard stories too seriously interjected, Mangold had some choice words for them:

Mangold even eased off of his 360 windmill dunking mode to calmly explain (and even empathize) with some who were @'ing him (which in this day and age is an act of near Herculean grace):

However, Mangold's brief civility was curbed when folks just wouldn't get the point, as he shot this savage facial off on July 7th:

Now, when you take this tweet and combine it with Mangold's previous assertion that "bolder minds" are essentially going to be chased off due to the overzealous (assuming he's lumping himself in with that intellectual categorization), one wonders if his Boba Fett movie ever existed in the first place. While THR reported that he'd signed onto the Boba Fett picture, Mangold referring to his involvement as "gossip" seems to contradict that (unless he simply means the cancellation is hearsay, which would be a tough context to wring from these transmissions). 

Either way, the "racing movie" Mangold's referring to is Ford v. Ferrari, the true story of Henry Ford II taking on perennial Le Mans champion Enzo Ferrari, by building an entirely new automobile to challenge the favorite. Ford v. Ferrari stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale - not to mention Jon Bernthal - and is the director's first movie since Logan. In a separate tweet, Mangold confirmed that filming is now commencing on the project:

Hell yes, now we just need Michael Mann to finally get his own Ferrari biopic (with Hugh Jackman, no less) rolling so that we have dueling period race car movies. As for Star Wars, we'll just have to see what the hell shakes out, as Episode IX could be a real make or break proposition for Disney/LF, regardless of Mangold's involvement. 

To be continued...