Looks like we’re in for more family-horror fun.

Every once in a while, a film comes along that appeals to our inner child. Even those who weren’t the target audience for R.L. Stine’s classic series of monsters and mayhem were pleasantly surprised by Rob Letterman’s family-horror-comedy Goosebumps. Bringing Stine’s imaginative stories and fearsome creatures to life on screen proved entertaining for the whole family and, lucky for us, they’re doing it again.

Check out the trailer for Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween:

Those familiar with Stine’s series will recognize a number of these frightening faces from the book covers. Missing from the trailer is Stine himself, played by Jack Black in the first installment. The author’s house appears to be abandoned, and since it’s Halloween, that means it’s the perfect time for kids to go snooping around the spooky house in the neighborhood. It’s there that they “discover the one book no one was meant to find.”  Cue the monsters and mayhem and it looks like we’re in for another round of fun-filled family-horror.

Goosebumps 2 arrives on October 12th.

What do you folks think? Did you enjoy the first film? Think Jack Black will make a surprise cameo to save the day from killer gummy bears? Sound off in the comments below!