Here’s Our First Official Look at Zachary Levi’s SHAZAM! Outfit

Well, he certainly looks like Shazam!

After what feels like a dozen set photo leaks, Warner Bros. finally dropped our first official look at Zachary Levi's Shazam! get-up today. Anyone who saw those previously-leaked photos won't be surprised, but newcomers might be thrown by how bright, colorful, and kinda awesome this thing looks.

Check it out (via Entertainment Weekly):

So, you might be wondering why this totally ripped superhero is slamming sodas in front of a gas station with some kid rather than, y'know, flying high above the city, sucker-punching giant CGI supervillains. It's a fair question. 

Shazam! revolves around the young Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who encounters a wizard who gives him the ability to turn himself into a superhero (played by Levi) just by uttering his signature catchphrase, "Shazam!" Here we see Billy in full Shazam mode, apparently indulging in a bit of overcaffeination with his buddy, Freddy (IT: Chapter One's Jack Dylan Grazer). Those adorable scamps! 

As for Shazam's costume: this writer's kinda into it. Shazam! clearly isn't intended to be another in a long line of grimdark DC joints - it is, once again, about a little boy who can transform himself into a superhero - so this look feels like it makes sense to me.

What do you folks think? Feeling it? Not so much? Will you be there when Shazam! opens on April 5th, 2019? Sound off below.