This Halloween, TALES FROM THE HOOD 2 Comes Home

Samhain Season '18 is going to be flat-out incredible.

Take a second and marvel with me regarding what we're going to be enjoying come October 2018:

  • Halloween sequel from David Gordon Green and Danny McBride
  • Drew Goddard's Cabin In the Woods follow-up, Bad Times At the El Royale 
  • An R-rated, WW II-set Cloverfield film, Overlord

That's one hell of a genre line-up to spend your Halloween Season with, and now you can add Spike Lee, Rusty Cundieff and Darrin Scott's Tales From the Hood 2 to your spooky "Must Watch" list. The announcement came via the project's Twitter handle, which shot out this transmission yesterday:

Oh hell yes. This writer has gone on record as a massive fan of Cundieff and Scott's first film, and has been not so quietly tracking the 20+ years in the making second installment with rabid enthusiasm. The movie's set to open this year's Fantasia Film Fest, and I've already got a few people whispering to me that it's a worthy sequel to what is arguably the greatest horror anthology ever made. 

On another note: beyond just October, 2018 is turning out to be a spectacular year for cinema - easily one of the best (if not the best) of my adult life. We should be wildly thankful that each month seems to contain a wealth of riches for us to consume, all while hell seemingly blazes outside. Soak this volume of weirdo art in, because it only comes along like this a few times in history .

Now, I just need to survive to Oct. 2nd, because I'm dying to see Tales From the Hood 2