Birth.Video.Death.: Worst Teenage Experience EVER

Prepare for EIGHTH GRADE by looking back at some of cinema's most awkward high school moments

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Remember how being a teenager sucked? Your favorite filmmakers sure as hell do, and so do we at Birth.Movies.Death. So to celebrate the release of Eighth Grade, quite possibly one of the most awkward tales of adolescence ever put to film, we've got a little present for you.

Roll the clip!

Whether it's finding yourself on the receiving end of a cascading clusterfuck of bullying, making an ass of yourself in front of a romantic interest, or dealing with an attempted abduction and exorcism, these are experiences that each of us can relate to in extremely personal ways, even if not exactly as depicted in these specific films. (We all had that moment where another student tried to expel the demons from within us, right? ...Right? ...Bueller?)

What makes these moments resonate so strongly is exactly what makes Eighth Grade such a prescient film. Skewing a bit younger than your typical story of teenage angst, comedian Bo Burnham has come out with a remarkable directorial debut, walking the line between comic understanding of the most awkward stage of one's life and the horrific experience of needing to live it firsthand. It's a favorite for the year among the BMD crew who have seen it, and if you think those other teenage blasts from the past are enough to prepare you for reliving the traumas of middle school, you've got another thing coming.