Jóhann Jóhannsson’s MANDY Score Will Scorch Your Eardrums

The Icelandic composer's final soundtrack is 2018's best.

We're huge fans of Mandy here at BMD, but you already knew that. In fact, most of us are practically counting the days until the movie drops so y'all can celebrate the demented joy of Panos Cosmatos' idiosyncratic acid head horror show with us. I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up on at least three of the staff's Top 10 of '18 lists (and maybe more...).

One of the unfortunate stories that comes along with Nicolas Cage's insane revenge freak-out is that it sports the last score from brilliant Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (Sicario), who sadly passed in February. Along with Sunn O))) drone metal guitarist Stephen O’Malley, Jóhannsson's crafted a truly engulfing slice of terrifying sonics, ready to deafen you as splatter fills the screen.

Since seeing Mandy for the first time back in January (sidebar: where the hell has 2018 gone?), this writer has been dying to own Jóhannsson and O'Malley's collaboration. Now, Lakeshore and Invada have announced that they’ll release the soundtrack on September 14th, and you can listen to a track ("Children of the New Dawn") below. 

Put on the headphones for this one and turn the dial up to 11:

Hopefully, Mondo/Death Waltz can collaborate with Lakeshort/Invada in the near future for a special vinyl edition, as I'd love to own this with some collectible art (and then terrorize my neighborhood with it on my turntable).

Either way, see Mandy when RLJ drops it in theaters this September, and then immediately pick up a copy of this Facemelter. It's one this year's wildest movies, and it's a shame Jóhannsson won't be around to celebrate the monumental weirdness with us.