Sadly, It Appears Sacha Baron Cohen is Not Done Dunking On Sarah Palin

In which a fictional character sets the record straight.

Earlier this week, we learned that former Alaskan Governor, televised hunting enthusiast and one-time Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin had tragically fallen victim to Who Is America?, the forthcoming Sacha Baron Cohen comedy series premiering on Showtime this Sunday. 

According to Palin, the noted FOX News personality had been lured all the way from the wilds of Alaska to the ostensible safety of Washington, D.C., where she was compelled to sit for an interview with a wounded U.S. military veteran who she later came to believe was actually a heavily-disguised Sacha Baron Cohen sitting in a wheelchair, a thing that could happen to literally anyone.

Furious to have been duped, Palin contacted one of the world's most prestigious news organizations (The Daily Mail), and challenged Cohen, Showtime and CBS to donate all the proceeds from Who Is America? to a charity benefiting actual wounded US military veterans.

We figured that'd be the end of that particular bit of drama, but today - in a startling turn of events - a gentleman by the name of Billy Wayne Ruddick, PhD, stepped forward to set the record straight, posting the following open letter to Palin on his Twitter feed:

Ruddick claims he never presented himself as a former member of the U.S. military (he was, in fact, a part of the United Parcel Service), that he was unable to serve his country (following the discovery of bone spurs in his "testies"), and that Palin may have been hit by a "bullshit grenade". Much like Sarah Palin being asked bizarre questions by any stranger she encounters in a wheelchair, we are prepared to accept all of this at face value.

There's been no response from Palin's camp as of yet, but we're guessing we'll hear much more from those folks once the former Governor's episode of Who Is America? airs. Stay tuned for more on that situation as it develops.

Who Is America? debuts on Showtime this Sunday at 9PM CST.

(Note: Header photo by Therealbs2002, via Wikimedia Commons)