GALVESTON Trailer: Mélanie Laurent Does Pre-Fame Pizzolatto

A middling movie gets a solid spot.

When I saw Galveston - French actress/filmmaker Mélanie Laurent's adaptation of True Detective mastermind Nic Pizzolatto's early neo noir novel starring Elle Fanning and Ben Foster - at this year's SXSW Film Festival, I was somewhat disappointed, writing

"...Laurent dials Pizzolatto’s blue-collar warrior poet nonsense back perhaps a bit too much, as Galveston floats along on a wavelength of general competence that could’ve used just a touch of the writer’s ridiculous posturing to stand out. Instead, what we’re left with is a mostly ho-hum road movie, as Foster and Fanning never quite become the Bonnie & Clyde we’re hoping for, instead settling into a rather routine pulp storyline about tough guys refusing the call of redemption, and a hooker who (of course) can do so much better for herself if she just gave up the scummy station life’s circumstances have stuck her with. We’ve read this book before, and Galveston never presents a healthy case for us returning to these scummy stomping grounds."

Now, there's a trailer for the picture, which actually sells a much better movie than what I saw. Take a look:

There's no official release information for the US, but Galveston hits cinemas in Laurent's native land come October 10th. Perhaps some recuts have beefed the movie up a bit, but based on what I saw, this writer can't imagine how.

We'll keep you posted on when an American release is announced, because regardless of my opinion, you should still check this one out, just for all the talent involved.