EXCLUSIVE: Mondo’s Dropping Three Beautiful New DRIVE Posters This Week

One's headed for SDCC, the other two will be online. Which one's YOUR favorite?

Disclosure: Mondo and BMD are both owned by the Alamo Drafthouse.

This week, we find ourselves staring down the barrel of yet another San Diego Comic-Con, and you know what that means: the next six days are gonna be filled with new trailers, surprise movie announcements, not-so-surprise movie announcements, and more SDCC-exclusive collectibles than you could ever hope to afford. As per usual, a good number of those collectibles will be available for purchase via our friends at Mondo.

Mondo's gonna drop three new Drive posters this week (all of them rendered by the very talented Boris Pelcer), with two of them arriving online and the third dropping exclusively at Mondo's SDCC booth (#435). Let's take a look, starting with the online versions:

Drive by Boris Pelcer


$55 / Available at SDCC Later This Week

Drive by Boris Pelcer


$55 / Available Online Later This Week

Drive by Boris Pelcer


$55 / Available Online Later This Week 

The first print (the one prominently featuring the Driver's iconic Scorpion jacket) will hit Mondo's both (#435) at a random time sometime during SDCC; the other two versions will drop online at the same time. We don't know when this'll happen, but we do know you should keep your eyes trained on the Mondo Twitter feed for the drop announcement. If, by some miracle, the SDCC-only version does not sell out on the Con floor, the remaining copies will be made available for purchase on Mondo's site at some point in the future. 

Mondo's released a number of Drive posters over the years, but these are some of our absolute favorites. Which one do you folks prefer? I think I'm leaning towards the very first one pictured on this page, but I do also love that cool blue in the SDCC-only version. Hard to decide!

Tell us which one you prefer in the comments below, and here's hoping you're able to snag one of these if you're trying for the online drop/headed to San Diego Comic-Con this week! Stay tuned for much more from Mondo (and Hall H) as the week progresses, and good luck out there.