Batwoman To Join The DCTV Heroes

Not surprising, but delightful all the same.

Greg Berlanti has been on a quest for years to see how little sleep he can get before spinning off into another dimension. Each year, new shows are announced and everyone wonders how he does it, but this latest addition checks two boxes on the Berlanti to-do list: The Hollywood Reporter has announced that a new Batwoman show is in the works over at the CW, meaning the DCTV lineup is about to get blissfully more gay.

Bringing Kate Kane into their lineup gives the CW Network plenty of drama to chew on while still tackling the social issues its writers find important. If you follow along with the DCTV lineup, you know from reading that sentence that the Batwoman will be a perfect addition to their current library of heroes. Kate Kane’s an out lesbian with a whole lot of issues, which will take a unique voice to bring to life in just the right way. Thankfully, Carline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) has signed on to pen the script.

Since the CW Network has already revealed Kate’s involvement in their crossover event this fall, this news doesn’t come as much of a shock. But, shock or not, this is a thrilling new character for the network to tackle, and opens a whole new city full of maniacs to the DCTV Universe.

With all the doors Batwoman’s entrance into the universe opens, it also brings a whole lot of questions. Will they finally open up Gotham City to DCTV after avoiding all things Bat Family on the CW? Will Sara somehow use the Waverider to try to seduce Kate? With mentions of Oracle in past episodes of Arrow, will we eventually see the CW Network bring a disabled hero in to help the Batwoman fight crime?

There’s a lot to chew on while we wait for more information to come out of the CW Network panels at SDCC. What’s your wish list for this exciting new addition?