New BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Trailer Slightly Better Than The First (I Guess)

No amount of tackiness will stop the Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic now.

Bohemian Rhapsody - the Bryan Singer-helmed Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic that will still be credited as such (despite Singer being controversially fired near the shoot's completion and replaced by Eddie the Eagle's Dexter Fletcher) - looks pretty not great. Despite Rami Malek almost supernaturally resembling Mercury (what's up with them dentures though, bruh?), the whole thing reeks of a rather middle of the road, multiplex-ready treatment that will appeal squarely to the center of the moviegoing populous (which means it'll probably be a ginormous hit).

In short, this appears to be the Greatest Showman of Queen movies, right down to a side character saying "fortune favors the bold" after the band is told nobody will play their music. Sure, Bohemian Rhapsody looks pretty (and Singer's regular DP Newton Thomas Sigel is certainly no slouch behind the lens), but the footage also has a sheen of accessible plasticity to it that's tough to shake.

I don't know, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh. Judge for yourself (and sing along with "We Will Rock You") here: 

On the bright side, this is the first time we're seeing anything from Bohemian Rhapsody approaching Mercury's private life (and the AIDS epidemic that stole it away far too soon), so hopefully we get more of that than the tired "rags to riches" malarkey that this spot is selling. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised by this thing - as Mercury and Queen's story is legitimately important and fascinating - but am not holding my breath. 

Guess we'll all have to find out November 2nd when Bohemian Rhapsody drops, causing people to cry out for Malek's Oscar during the first weekend (regardless of quality). Don't front, that shit's gonna happen; again, just look at Greatest Showman