ROBIN HOOD Gets A Training Montage In New Trailer

Okay, this only looks like 80% bad now.

Look, we give this new Robin Hood movie a lot of grief here, but it’s only because there are already too many Robin Hood movies as is, and no one asked for a "cool" where Robin is like a leather-clad slick superhero. And also it looks bad. That’s part of it too.

But I’ll give it this: the training bit in this new trailer kinda sorta works for me. Though if Little John is such a demanding badass, why does he need Robin Hood in the first place? In any case, the rest of the trailer is white noise garbage. Do please enjoy:

This looks like a perfect movie to watch on a plane but only if you’ve already seen every other movie a couple times already. I can’t imagine this comes out and has any real quality or character as it looks very much like a studio committee film, and this trailer doesn’t do much to change that impression.

Robin Hood comes out November 21.