The Netflix-Mark Millar Universe Begins To Take Shape

Starting with two series and three movies.

Netflix acquired Millarworld, Mark Millar’s original comic outlet over a year ago. Now we’re finally starting to see what the streaming side of that acquisition will look like. And it looks like a lot.

(deep breath) Okay, for starters, Netflix will produce two series from Millar’s works, superhero story Jupiter’s Legacy and American Jesus, which is about a kid who finds out he’s my main man JC come back to life.

And then there are the three movies: Empress, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter and Huck. Production people are already involved with a lot of these. Lorenzi di Bonaventura and Steven S. DeKnight will oversee Jupiter’s Legacy. Everargo Gout and Leopoldo Gout will do American Jesus. Lindsey Beer is on Empress. Michael Bacall is on Sharkey the Bounty Hunter. And finally, Ted Melfi and Neal H. Moritz will take on Huck.

What does all this mean? I do not know! But one hopes Netflix allows these stories to be as big as they need to be, rather than, you know, filling them with hallway fights.

So there you go. Here pretty soon, we are going to be drowning in Mark Millar adaptations. Better get used to the idea.