Fair Warning: Todd Phillips’ JOKER Will Be Here Next October

In which Warner Bros. sets a date and makes that title official.

Update your calendars: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillips' Joker (that's the official title now, by the way) will arrive in theaters on October 4th of next year, just in time to make "Joaquin Phoenix Joker" the hottest costume of Halloween 2019.

This is an interesting move. For one thing, it indicates that Phillips intends to get Joker shot and completed in less than a year (the film's slated to begin filming in September), which isn't common among comic book movies. Perhaps, as they've told us time and time again, this really will be a low-key, understated crime thriller. 

It's also interesting because a October 4th opening puts Joker in direct competition with Ang Lee's Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, and Disney's Jungle Cruise, starring The Rock, one week later. Those films aren't guaranteed to be blockbusters, of course, but the move does indicate a certain amount of confidence on WB's part.

For now, that's all we've got, but seeing as how SDCC 2018 just started, we shouldn't be surprised if we end up hearing a bit more about Joker before the week wraps. Stay tuned, and be safe out there.