SDCC 2018: Mondo’s THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH Poster Is An All-Timer

Heads up, Bowie fans.

Disclosure: BMD and Mondo are both owned by the Alamo Drafthouse.

It's SDCC Week, and you know what that means: new projects being announced, new trailers making their way online, and - last but not least - more insanely covetable collectibles than you could ever hope to afford. As per usual, a large number of those collectibles are headed our way via the good folks at Mondo.

Take, for instance, this absolute all-timer from the great Martin Ansin:

The Man Who Fell to Earth by Martin Ansin

24" x 36" / Edition of 375

$65 Regular Edition / Dropping Online This Week

The Man Who Fell to Earth by Martin Ansin

24" x 36" / Edition of 225

$90 Variant Edition / Dropping at SDCC (booth #435)

Listen, Martin Ansin doing The Man Who Fell to Earth is one of my absolute dream posters, so you can imagine the reaction I had upon getting my first look at this thing (hint: they're still scrubbing my goddamn brains off the ceiling in my office). This one's a strong contender for Mondo Poster of The Year, and that's saying something given this year's crop of prints.

So, how do you acquire one? One of two ways: you can wait for the regular version to arrive online at a random time this week (it'll appear on Mondo's homepage and will remain there until it's sold out), or you can be at SDCC and visit Mondo's booth (#435) once it goes on sale. Any copies of the variant that don't get sold at SDCC will eventually be sold online, but...well, that seems exceptionally unlikely, doesn't it? I mean, Jesus. Just look at that thing.

Anyhoo, stay tuned for more from Mondo and SDCC as the week progresses. Much more in store.