The First OVERLORD Trailer is Here to Kick Your Entire Ass

This looks AWESOME.

At long last, the Overlord trailer has arrived. I'm just gonna get out of its way.


Is this the same version of the trailer we saw back in April, at CinemaCon? I'm not entirely sure. I remember that version being slightly weirder, but that could just be my increasingly-unreliable memory talking. Not that it matters, of course: this version's just as exciting, promising a gnarly, balls-out genre exercise involving Nazis, secret labs and...whatever those repulsive creatures are. Zombies? Super soldiers? Super soldier Nazi vampire-zombies? I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out.

Overlord's a Bad Robot joint, and for a long time we had it pegged as another not-so-stealth Cloverfield sequel. In a pre-taped message, producer JJ Abrams assured the CinemaCon crowd that while another Cloverfield movie was in the works, this was not a part of that franchise. Was he telling the truth, or was JJ engaging in further Mystery Box shenanigans? Guess we'll know for sure when Overlord opens on November 9th.

What do you folks make of this footage? Into it? Not so much? Think JJ was telling fibs or do you think these doomed WWII paratroopers are gonna stumble across a big tank of Slusho inside one of those secret Nazi labs? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Overlord as it becomes available.