SDCC 2018: DOCTOR WHO Offers New Teaser But Keeps Everything Else Close To The Chest

Steven Moffat may be out, but secrecy is still very much in.

This year’s Doctor Who panel was very much a celebration for the show’s fans. With a new doctor (Jodie Whittaker, obviously the first female Doctor in the show’s history) a new showrunner (Chris Chibnall) and new companions (Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole - but we heard of a third companion who wasn’t able to come but sent in a video), there is a ton of anticipation for what this new iteration of the show will offer.

Sadly, we'll have to wait longer for the real juicy details. These are pros and they were all very careful about revealing anything we didn’t already know. Instead, the panel discussion focused on change and how these actors feel about taking their first steps into the Whoniverse. (I’m the first person to use that term, right?)

But while there was no real info, the whole affair was joyous and fun. Things started with a video bit of Jodie Whittaker lost and trying to get to Comic-Con as fast as possible, choosing to arrive via taxi and airplane because her TARDIS has a “not for personal use” sign on it. Later we watched a heartwarming collection of fan reactions to Whittaker’s reveal video.

And of course, they showed us a teaser for the new season. It was really short and told us almost nothing, though there was an unmistakable theme of new beginnings and friendship to it, which is nice. Oh silly me! You can watch it right now:

We did get a look at the new Sonic Screwdriver, which looks a little bit more organic than mechanical. But other than that, this was just a welcome party and celebration for a show as it departs in a dramatic (and exciting!) new direction - the idea that this season will focus on new villains and concepts really emphasized how forward-thinking the show is about to become. Fans expecting revealed secrets might have been disappointed, but the absolute love in the room surely helped make up for it.