The First Trailer For DC Universe’s TITANS Features Robin Saying “Fuck Batman”

We're not joking.

Once upon a time, TNT was developing a new DC superhero show by the name of Titans, to be based on the company's Teen Titans series. Eventually, TNT decided not to pick up the project, but in April we learned the show was getting a second chance via DC's soon-to-launch digital streaming service, DC Universe.

Here is the first trailer for that show. See if you notice anything strange.

If you're wondering, "Hey, did Robin just murder a bunch of dudes in an alley before saying 'Fuck Batman'?", the answer is yes. That's definitely Robin (Brenton Thwaites), those guys in the alley are definitely dead (we're pretty sure Robin stomped that dude's throat into pulp), and he definitely just said "Fuck Batman". 

So, that's an interesting approach! One can't help but feel that, with Titans, we have reached Peak DC. One can also not help but be reminded of Frank Miller's infamous All-Star Batman & Robin, which featured Batman asking his new sidekick, "Are you retarded or something? I'm the goddamned Batman." 

Obviously, it's far too early to make any judgment calls on Titans. This trailer runs less than two minutes, and only offers us glimpses of the many characters and plotlines which will appear on the show (in addition to a very angry Robin, you've also got Starfire, Raven and [checks notes] Beast Boy). We are caught off-guard by the language and the violence, but then again, its presence is certainly serving its attention-getting purpose.

What do you make of all this? Will you tune in when Titans hits the DC Universe later this year? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for further updates as they roll in.