Zazie Beetz Might Tame The JOKER’s Black Heart

In which Joaquin Phoenix's take on the Clown Prince of Crime possibly gets a baby's mama.

Zazie Beetz is one of the best young performers working today. As Domino, she practically stole Deadpool 2 away from the titular Merc With the Mouth. In Atlanta, she's the troubled gravity that keeps Donald Glover's Earn from completely floating away into outer space. With Cathy Yan's Dead Pigs, she became a corporate recruiter, tempting a young creator (David Rysdahl) to-operate as a voice for projects he has little knowledge of (and even less passion for). 

Now, Beetz may be playing the Joker's love interest in Joaquin Phoenix's iteration of the arch criminal (in Todd Phillips' Joker). According to THR:

"While details of the Phillips and Scott Silver-penned script are being kept under wraps, if a deal makes, Beetz would play a single mother who catches the interest of the man who will become the Clown Prince of Crime."

Please don't tell me there's some weird arc in this movie where a single mom suddenly becomes a shining, last beacon of hope for the future giggling maniac. I'm not sure I'd survive such a cliché grenade. Although, the same article describes Joker as:

"...a movie that is more moderately budgeted and darker than the studio’s other DC-based movies, known as the DC Cinematic Universe. The movie is also described as more a dark character study than a crime thriller, with Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy as the tonal watchwords."

Blech. You know how everybody's been writing articles about the negative legacy The Dark Knight has had on film fandom and blockbusters in the ten years since its initial theatrical release? This is the type of shit they're talking about: a bizarre need to present these characters in the "dark" and "edgy" ways their fanbase demands in the wake of Nolan's elegant piece of chaos cinema. The pitch just sounds like it's coming from the brooding sophomore film student who lived down the hall from you in the dorms, smoked cloves (inside, no less), and slept under a Boondock Saints poster.

Anyway, there's no deal in place as of yet, but we'll keep you updated as this thing is now moving along with the quickness. Guess it kinda has to since Joker is aiming to hit theaters next October