Joss Whedon Is Working On A Black BUFFY Remake

Don't worry - he's not writing it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a very white show. I say this because it's cast filled with white people, including Seth Green, who must count for at least five white people all by himself. There's even a British guy. 

Sounds like Joss Whedon's looking to mix things up a bit, though, as the director's now working an "inclusive" remake of his seminal WB series. Thankfully, Whedon won't write it - though he is helping shape the script - as Agents of SHIELD scribe Monica Breen will pen the adaptation and serve as showrunner. A black actress is currently being sought to fill the role that Sarah Michelle Gellar made iconic. 

There's no network attached as of yet, but 20th Century Fox Television (who also produced the original Buffy) are looking to put a pitch package together to bring to streaming and cable outlets, hoping to stir up a bidding war. No episode directors have been announced as of yet, either, but we can expect those attachments to start arriving very soon. 

Breen is a solid, experienced talent, having worked on a number of high profile shows - Revolution, Fringe, Alias, Lost and Charmed are all listed on her resume - before running Midnight, Texas for a season. Our question is: what does a black redux of Buffy even look and sound like? Are we still staying in Sunnydale or are we shifting to a whole new venue? This could be a really cool spin on the vampire mythos, redone in the streaming cable age with PoC playing huge roles in its coming of age hijinks. Getting it right would be huge. 

Stay tuned, and start fancasting Angel, Willow, Xander and Spike while you do.