PSA: David Farrier’s DARK TOURIST Hits Netflix Today

In which the director of TICKLED gets his very own Netflix series.

We were big, big fans of David Farrier's bizarre 2016 documentary, Tickled (read Andrew's review of that jaw-dropping film here), and were delighted when Netflix signed New Zealand's leading authority on weird people doing weird-ass (and, yes, frequently shady) things for a new documentary series called Dark Tourist

Today, we're excited to report that Dark Tourist has arrived on everyone's favorite streaming service. It looks about as bonkers as you might've expected.

Take a look at this: 

"Dark Tourism", for those unfamiliar with the term, generally refers to people who vacation in places associated with death, suffering, or destruction. Dark Tourist finds Farrier investigating a number of these locations, from "Serial Killer Tours" to a Kazakhstani nuclear test site to the highly irradiated area surrounding the 2011 Fukushima disaster. To say that this kind of thing is up our alley would be a massive understatement.

Anyway, if you're lucky enough not to be shoulder-deep in SDCC this week, consider this your official heads up: a brand-new, 8-hour, darkly funny documentary series from one of our favorite gonzo journalists is now available to stream. If you give it a watch, do let us know what you thought in the comments below.

All 8 episodes of Dark Tourist are now streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned for more on this series - and more from Farrier - as further updates roll in.