SDCC 2018: Conan O’Brien Holds BATGIRL Auditions, With Hilarious Results

In which Jodie Foster and Hillary Swank compete to don the cowl for DC.

There hasn’t been much in the way of news on the upcoming Batgirl flick ever since Joss Whedon left the project earlier this year and Christina Hodson (Bumblebee) came on board to write the script. Poor DC fans have been left out here wondering, “Who will wear the cowl?”

Luckily, Conan O’Brien has a sneak peek at some of the talent auditioning for the role.

Check it out!

Kristen Schaal hopes bringing her baby will play on the emotions of the casting directors, ‘cause she really needs the job. Hilary Swank shows up with one of her Oscars and states, “This is my audition right here.” Not to be outdone, Jodie Foster brings a statue of a knight with her before donning the cape and cowl. Further auditions include turns from Tig Notaro, Wanda Sykes, Nicole Byer, Maria Bamford, and even a few surprising male contenders.

Hey, at least we have Conan O’Brien to keep us entertained until we get some real Batgirl casting news.