Jennifer Connelly Taxis Onto The TOP GUN 2 Tarmac

The cast for MAVERICK is pretty impressive.

Joseph Kosinski's Top Gun - subtitled simply Maverick - is in the curious position of being a long-delayed sequel to an iconic property that nobody's really that excited about anymore (though this writer can't wait to see the director do his best Tony Scott impersonation). 

However, nothing's seemingly stopping Kosinski, Tom Cruise & Co. from putting together one hell of a solid cast, with Miles Teller playing the son of Anthony Edwards' tragically departed Goose (with Meg Ryan hopefully appearing as the future flyboy's mom), and Val Kilmer equipping himself with the blonde flat-top again as Maverick's rival, Iceman. 

Now, Jennifer Connelly - who co-starred in Kosinski's slightly overlooked Only the Brave (which is basically the best version of a Peter Berg picture) - has signed to play an as-yet-undisclosed role in the project. Could she be stepping in for Kelly McGillis as Charlie Blackwood? They don't look anything alike, but that's never stopped anyone before. 

Top Gun 2: Maverick is currently shooting in Florida, and aims to be released on July 12th, 2019. Do you still feel the need for speed? With the rave reviews hitting for Fallout and now Maverick coming right on its heels, it seems like Tom Cruise can't get enough adrenaline in his life. 

Stay tuned...