SDCC 2018: ARROW Will Have Shower Fights

Beth Schwartz has been given the keys to the kingdom!

Arrow has always spent a lot of time taking steps forward and then regressing back into its old nonsense. Longtime show writer Beth Schwartz has taken over as showrunner, and looks forward to putting her own spin on the series while still maintaining the show’s core. In that spirit, Stephen confirmed that if you love the Green Arrow, and care about the character in any iteration, that you’ll be a little frustrated with the character.

Though it does sound like we’ll be doing the same old dance that we’ve done before, it’s refreshing to have that acknowledgement. There were hints that perhaps Oliver is concerned he made the wrong decision in the finale by outing himself, and there will be dark implications that follow. Their teaser spends a lot of time focusing on Oliver’s situation in prison, and what it means to be the hero surrounded by the villains he put there.

Take a look:

Doesn’t look too shabby! The show’s premiere will be directed by the one and only Bam Bam Bamford, so you can be sure that you’ll see plenty of action when things kick off. This next season promises a Felicity Smoak who will be taking more action, but the panel was all very hush-hush on what that might mean. The whole team will be dealing with Diaz and this whole Longbow Hunters situation, and Schwartz did confirm that the three we would be seeing would be Red Dart, Codiac and the Silencer.

Sound off on your thoughts on the footage (and the potential directions of the coming season) in the space below!