SDCC 2018: First WONDER WOMAN 1984 Footage Is Fun, Bright, Maybe Even A Little Silly

Wonder Woman kicks ass in a mall, y’all.

Somehow, even with only two weeks of shooting under their belt, Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine and Gal Gadot were able to supply us with some amazing Wonder Woman 1984 footage today at Comic-Con. They claimed it was a rough cut, but it all looked pretty finished to me.

The footage begins with Wonder Woman jumping into frame in a 1980s shopping mall. Ahead of her are two guys with guns. Before she can deal with them, a small girl walks into the scene, clearly blind to the dangerous situation by her awe for Wonder Woman. It's super super cute.

Wonder woman quickly gets the kid to safety and returns to crush the men’s guns. She then lassos them to the floor before taking a flying leap over a mall banister to the floor below. The last shot is basically just her running really fast through a city street.

We didn’t see much, but the big surprise here is how this compares to the first Wonder Woman: this footage was decidedly brighter, faster and (brace yourself) sillier. If that represents the tone of the entire film, people might take umbrage (because, internet). I have to say I really liked what we saw and can’t wait to see more. I'm shocked we even saw anything this soon!