SDCC 2018: GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS Will Almost Definitely Have More Toho Monsters Than Advertised

Also, the iconic Godzilla theme is back!

Look, you all know me. The number one thing I’m here at Comic-Con to see is Godzilla: King of Monsters footage. What we saw today in Hall H today did not disappoint.

This one started in a far more typical fashion. No big fancy video intro. No actors in character. Basically, Aisha Tyler introduced everyone on stage (Michael Dougherty, Millie Bobby Brown, O’shea Jackson Jr., Thomas Middleditch, Vera Farmiga) and got right to the questions. After all the wackiness we’d been subject to so far it was kind of a relief.

In terms of news or details, we did hear from director Michael Dougherty that along with Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah, there will almost certainly be a few more surprises in terms of monsters. To which Middleditch added “yeah we got Dracula, the Mummy…” Also Monarch is no longer a covert operation in this film and Vera Farminga’s character is around to see if there’s a way for humans and monsters to co-exist. Should we be afraid of the monsters or are they a resource?

I guess the most important thing we discovered is Sally Hawkins has a connection to the creatures in this film different than in The Shape of Water. They made sure we knew that.

Also! Godzilla’s classic music theme will be included. Possibly other well known Godzilla themes as well. Someone from the audience reacted by yelling “I love you!” and I knew just how that dude felt.

We then saw the trailer for the film, which you can see for yourself here. For my money, I’m excited for a more detailed trailer later down the line, but the small teases of these classic monsters kind of blew me away (especially that Mothra unveiling show, wow!) as does the whole idea of Godzilla working with people more. That was my favorite part of the first movie and I’m so happy they’re continuing it here.

There was no way I’d be walking away from this Godzilla: King of Monsters panel not super excited for the film. But it does warm my hear that even with all my blind anticipation, the movie does look very good and the cast seems to be very proud of what they’ve accomplished.