SDCC 2018: New THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Footage Reveals Plot Details And Cameos

Dueling Chris Pratts!

Even before the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part panel kicked off today, we were met with the hilarity of a video in which our beloved LEGO characters (along with a LEGO Aisha Taylor moderating) are crashed into by a LEGO Aquaman. (Batman: “That’s not Aquaman! Aquaman is a blond nerd!”) Sure enough, the old school blond Aquaman shows up and new Aquaman rides his ass out of the scene like a surfboard.

Only when that ended did the panel finally take the stage - Chris Pratt, Stephany Beatrice, Elizabeth Banks along with Lord and Miller and Trisha Gum. The panel itself was lots of fun, particularly with some good lines from Chris Pratt. But the main thing they all came to show was a new trailer for the film.

The footage begins with Elizabeth Banks’ Wyldstyle looking over an apocalyptic wasteland, telling us how dark everything has become. She is interrupted by Chris Pratt’s chipper Emmett who delivers her some coffee.

Suddenly an alien toy thing shows up and, after Emmett accidentally lets it through a fortified door, takes off to the stars with Wyldstyle in tow. Of course, Emmett must go after her.

The trailer had some fun reveals. When Emmett gets out into space he meets Rex Dangervest, a rugged hero also voiced by Chris Pratt kind of doing a Burt Macklin voice. We learn that among other heroic things, Dangervest also trains Velociraptors.

The rest of the footage was hard to keep up with, but there were plenty of great jokes and Batman gags. There was also a crazy cameo from Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn in LEGO mode.

According to the panel, the idea here is that the LEGO folks travel from their normal location to where all the younger sister’s toys from the first film hang out, which is a cool idea that keeps up the interesting fourth-wall angle from the last film going while also offering an opportunity to change up what these new characters look like. I’m excited to see what else they do with it.

But having said that, I’m still pessimistic that this can capture a lot of what made the first film so special. This second trailer is a huge improvement over the first, though. Hopefully you all will get to see it soon.