SDCC 2018: THE FLASH Runs Into Ballroom 20

Breakin' the timeline!

If you were worried about living out another Flashpoint now that Nora West Allen has found her way to the past, worry not! Nora’s introduction into present time hasn’t broken things in that scale. We will see some ripples, and there will be some issues, but we’re not reliving last year.

Team Flash made their way to SDCC with a little tease for their coming season, check it out!

We got a little lightning round of questions with the showrunner, so we were able to walk out with a few tidbits: there will be lots of deaths, but there’s no confirmation on whether they’re big or small; there will be a new LGBTQ character introduced this season; this year’s theme is legacy; and, finally, we’ll be getting two episodes that fans have been begging for. The first will feature a younger version of the Rogues, and the second will be King Shark and Gorilla Grodd together. Due to budget, the latter will likely be taking place in the back half of the season, but how fun will that be?

You’ll also be getting a new version of Harrison Wells, and we’ll be seeing Killer Frost again before all is said and done. Hartley will be exploring his detective side, and D.A. Cecille Horton will be balancing being a mom and her career. Oh, and you’ll be seeing the long awaited costume ring before all’s said and done!

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