SDCC 2018: THE GIFTED Panel Highlights

Try to avoid metal around a super pregnant Polaris.

The Gifted crashed into Ballroom 20 with a smoking hot season two trailer and a cast full of actors who want to have conversations about the world today. Like all media revolving around mutants, the show does what it can to show the difference between “us” and “them”. Jeph Loeb (head of Marvel television) and Matt Nix (showrunner) emphasized the cultural importance of mutants and the social and political commentary that comes wrapped up in some really cool powers.

The mutants are in a new location, and there’s a little bit of a time gap from where we left these characters in season one. Matt Nix stressed that they’re trying to explore discrimination of all forms in parallel with the discrimination we’ve seen against mutants through these stories.

Rest assured that there are plenty of surprises coming your way in season two. New factions of mutants will be arising, causing some internal conflict among our scrappy heroes, and you may or may not see Reed start to exhibit a power or two. Though Nix and Loeb were ultimately tight-lipped on when we would see those powers fully manifest, it’s likely you’ll see that develop more and more in the coming season. While that unfolds, Polaris is dealing with being very, very pregnant while trying not to collapse every metal object around her. Eclipse continues to deal with losing the woman he loves and their unborn child, but Thunderbird and Blink are still adorable!

You can catch all of these mutants and more back on your television screens next Fall on Fox! Be sure to watch for a release date. They'll be moving from Mondays to Tuesdays in their coming season.