HUNTER KILLER Trailer: Gerard Butler Has A Submarine

And he’s using it to… rescue the Russian president?

Hunter Killer is a movie coming out this October that features two things I simply cannot ignore: Gerard Butler and submarine action. That, of course, does not mean the movie will automatically be good. It just means there’s no struggle here to win my attention.

The film now has a trailer and you can judge for yourself if this is something you want to make time for:

I come to Gerard Butler movies for amoral head-stabbings. This does not look like one of those movies. In fact, there’s almost a feeling of prestige to this (almost), that definitely holds it back from the kind of violence I’m out here for.

On the other hand, Butler still has my heart and the rest of the cast doesn’t look too bad. On top of that: cool submarine action. Like I said above, that’s always a good place for a movie to start.

The chances of this being super good are not great, but I’m in all the same. I want to watch this on a cozy Sunday afternoon. What do you think?