Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska Are The New CHARLIE’S ANGELS

In which director Elizabeth Banks lines up one helluva cast.

Exciting news, via Deadline:

"Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott are officially confirmed to star in Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels reboot, with newcomer British actress Ella Balinska completing the crime-fighting trio. Banks is pulling double duty on the Sony Pictures pic, serving as the film’s director and playing Bosley."

Wow. That's a helluva lineup. Let's take a closer look at the new Angels...

Naomi Scott's probably best known for her work in last year's Power Rangers reboot, where she starred as the Pink Ranger, Kimberly (alongside Banks, who played that film's villain). She'll also be appearing in Guy Ritchie's forthcoming, live-action adaptation of Aladdin, for Disney. 

Ella Balinska, meanwhile, is something of an unknown here in the States. She's known in the UK for her work on ITV’s Midsomer Murders, as well as Sky's teen drama series, The Athena. This'll be her first big feature film role, and we're sure she's hyped. 

And, finally, we've got Kristen Stewart, who probably needs no introduction: you've seen her work in the Twilight films, last year's outstanding Personal Shopper, and a ton of other movies. As Deadline points out, this'll be Stewart's first big-budget studio effort in quite some time.

Meanwhile, here's what the new Charlie's Angels will be about:

"The film will follow a new next generation of Angels working for the mysterious Charlie. Since the original films (starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu) based on the 1970s TV series, The Townsend Agency has grown considerably and gone global, providing security and intelligence services to a variety of private clients with offices and highly trained teams worldwide. This film focuses on one of those teams."

Hm. To us that sounds like more of a stealth sequel than a complete reboot, but I suppose that doesn't make much difference at this point (and will likely only really matter if Barrymore, Diaz or Liu show up in some kinda cameo role). No matter how you cut it, we're hyped to see what Banks does with this property.

What do you folks think? Into the new lineup? Not so much? Have you even bothered revisiting the McG Charlie's Angels movies in the years since they arrived? We're curious where y'all stand on this, so hit the comments below and fill us in, and stay tuned for more on Charlie's Angels as further updates roll in.