Yep, DUNE’s Getting Split Into Two Movies

Confirmed by Brian Herbert.

Well here you have it. Starting well after the part where I’m still marveling that Denis Villeneuve is going to make even ONE Dune movie, we’ve long heard that he’s actually making TWO of them. Now it’s been confirmed by Brian Herbert in the following tweet:

I really like Dune. I’m not sure how well Dune will translate to modern audiences though. If they are only adapting half the book with this first movie, one automatically assumes that means it will end (look I don’t know how to do this without mild spoilers) with the completion of Vladimir Harkonnen’s plan to remove the Atreides from power in Arrakis, which means we won't be seeing much of Dune’s coolest stuff until the next film. This is my way of saying “please god let them start filming the second film before the first comes out and maybe bombs”.

In the meantime, all we can do is hope for this to go well. Word that Villeneuve wants Timothée Chalamet for Paul bodes very well, and I’m very excited to see what other casting news comes down the pike as this develops. I mean, I’m just excited for it in general. Even the proposed split, while risky, is a good sign that this will be a well done adaptation.