Apple’s Here To Give You The TIME BANDITS TV Show You Wanted

You did want one of these, right?

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Terry Gilliam lately, no doubt. But you can’t deny the classic status of many of his films. Aside from Brazil, possibly the most beloved of those older titles is Time Bandits.

Now, like 12 Monkeys before it, the time has come to make Time Bandits a television show. Whether it’ll be a good or bad television show remains to be seen. The general plot of a kid hanging out with time traveling dwarves and meeting historical figures sounds like a good one for television. But will it retain any of the Gilliam aesthetic that makes people love the original? Probably not, though Gilliam will be around as a non-writing executive producer.

Also interesting is that this will be an Apple production, which makes this a savvy IP to help them worm further into the original entertainment game. This is all pretty far away right now, but we’ll keep an eye on it as it develops.