In Case You Missed Roy Moore’s Appearance on WHO IS AMERICA? Last Night…

We got you covered.

We've known for some time that (recently defeated) Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was due to appear on Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? The only question was: how embarrassing would this appearance be? Given everything we've seen on the show's previous episodes - including truly jaw-dropping moments featuring Dick Cheney and Georgia's Jason Spencer - anticipation for Moore's appearance was running high.

Last night, we got our answer.

As you can see, this is Cohen in character as Erran Morad, softening Roy Moore for the kill before demonstrating a new kind of Israeli anti-terrorist technology: a wand that can detect sex offenders and pedophiles. As soon as Morad starts explaining this piece of fictional tech, you know exactly what's going to happen next, but Cohen drags the moment out to an agonizing degree before finally whipping out the wand and crashing head-first into the inevitable. Then the inevitable occurs over and over again, until Moore cuts the interview off.

Who is America? started off as a mixed bag, but has sharpened with each new episode. I'm not sure if last night's episode topped the previous week's (the sight of Jason Spencer running backwards, ass out, and screaming "America!" at Sacha Baron Cohen - to say nothing of the other things the now-resigned lawmaker screamed during his appearance on the show - is not something any of us will soon forget), but between the bit above and the astounding segment involving a pair of racist right-wingers attempting to trap illegal immigrants at a quinceañera, it came pretty close.

Are y'all watching this series? How're you feeling about it? Think Showtime's got an entire second season's worth of footage waiting in the wings, should this first batch of episodes prove popular enough to justify it? Sound off in the comments below.

Who Is America? airs Sundays at 9PM CST on Showtime.