Check Out This One Sheet For Fantastic Fest World Premiere APOSTLE

Gareth Evans and Dan Stevens are exploring sinister religious cults in the early 1900s.

Did you hear the good news? Fantastic Fest announced its First Wave of 2018 programming today, and the lineup is a fucking doozy. Just one of the marquee titles included on that rather impressive list is Gareth Evans' upcoming horror picture Apostle

Starring Dan Stevens as a broken wanderer out to find his missing sister, The Raid director's dread-filled epic sees him journeying to a secluded isle, where he must infiltrate a religious sect headed by an overzealous Michael Sheen. As you can probably imagine, some real gnarly shit goes down. 

Apostle is going to be enjoying its World Premiere at the Fest - which looks to be the very best week of the year yet again - and ahead of that date, Netflix dropped this pretty snazzy poster. Check it out:

I have it on good authority that this movie rules very hard, and is a fairly major departure from Evans' bombastic action theatrics. We here at BMD can't wait to check it out with an audience come September. 

For those of you not hitting up the Fest, Netflix is dropping Apostle on October 12th, right in time for Halloween. Get ready for buckets of religious bloodshed.