Pack Your Bags: We’re Going Back to FANTASY ISLAND

Get all those "De plane! De plane!" jokes outta your system now, knuckleheads.

These days, brand recognition is everything. If you're sitting on a property that a few million people are familiar with, guess what? You're probably sitting on a property that someone wants to refashion into a movie. Sometimes this particular type of alchemy pays off, sometimes it doesn't. It's gonna keep happening, though, so you might as well get used to it.

The latest name property to get the reboot treatment? Fantasy Island, the TV series that ran on ABC from 1977 'til 1984. Most famous for its charismatic leading man, Ricardo Montalban, and the catchphrase uttered by his faithful sidekick, Hervé Villechaize, the series is now being refashioned into a feature film by Sony Pictures and the good folks at Blumhouse.

The news comes to us from Deadline, who also report that the creative team behind Truth or Dare - director Jeff Wadlow and co-scribes Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs - are staying in the Blumhouse fold to steer this bad boy onto the big screen. Given the involvement of Blumhouse and the team tackling the material, we're guessing this will be a decidedly supernatural take on the property (which revolves around an island where people can go to live out their wildest, weirdest fantasies), but we suppose that's not guaranteed.

What do you folks make of this? Into a Fantasy Island movie? Feeling indifferent? Surprised to even be talking about Fantasy Island in the brave year of our lord two thousand and eighteen? Sound off in the comments below, and stand by for further updates as they roll in.