2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Will Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary in IMAX

"My god, it's full of (extremely large) stars."

First, the good news: in honor of its 50th anniversary, Warner Bros. and IMAX are teaming up for a one-week engagement of a newly-restored, 70MM print of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, starting on August 24th. The bad news? These particular engagements will only occur at select IMAX locations in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Should've seen that coming! Wasn't so long ago that WB and IMAX got everyone in a tizzy when they announced a one-week anniversary engagement for Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight (celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, in case you missed all those lukewarm thinkpieces), only to severly damper everyone's buzz when they further revealed the screenings would only be happening in - you guessed it - Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. Interestingly enough, those screenings begin the same week.

Here's some ticketing info, via Variety:

"Tickets go on sale Friday in the following locations: AMC Universal Citywalk IMAX in L.A., AMC Lincoln Square IMAX in New York City, AMC Metreon IMAX in San Francisco, and Ontario Place Cinesphere IMAX in Toronto."

UPDATE: In addition to the four locations getting the newly-restored 70MM IMAX print, 350 other IMAX locations will also be screening the unrestored version of Kubrick's film. A previous version of this post did not include this information. Keep an eye on your local IMAX theater's listings to see if it's headed to your town!

On the one hand, it's a shame the vast majority of film fans won't get to experience Kubrick's newly-restored film in glorious IMAX. On the other hand, we're happy it's being done at all, and figured we should probably go ahead and give the heads up to all our friends in LA, NYC, San Francisco and Toronto. Please think of us while you're having your eyeballs melted out be the stargate sequence.