Nicole Kidman & Margot Robbie In Talks To Help Charlize Theron Keep FOX News FAIR AND BALANCED

In which three of Hollywood's most talented actresses unite to take down a toadie.

Jay Roach and Annapurna already scored a casting coup when they signed Charlize Theron to play Megyn Kelly in their upcoming FOX News/Roger Ailes scandal chronicle Fair and Balanced. Theron is not only one of the most talented and sought after actresses in the world, but seeing her take on the divisive cable news personality seems like a recipe for one hell of a weird, fascinating performance. 

Now, Annpurna might have struck gold not once, not twice, but three fucking times, by first signing Nicole Kidman to play fellow FOX anchor Gretchen Carlson. Carlson and Kelly, of course, were the two most prominent accusers of Roger Ailes - disgraced and deceased FOX media mogul - stating that the Conservative titan (who earlier in his career was a former consultant for Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush) sexually harassed them. 

Next up: Roach & Co. have entered talks with I, Tonya Academy Award nominee Margot Robbie, who is going to wash off her Harley Quinn makeup yet again to possibly play a fictional FOX associate producer named Kayla Pospisil. Per the official logline from Annapurna: 

“[Fair and Balanced] will tell the story of the ensemble of women who took on the toxic male culture of FOX News and helped depose its chief architect.”

First off: FUCK YES.  If this triumvirate of incredible actresses unite like goddamn Voltron to tell this rather troubling tale, Fair and Balanced suddenly becomes one of the most important pieces of mainstream art to look out for during the Trump Era. Much like Spike Lee's upcoming lightning rod of anger, BlacKkKlansman, Roach and screenwriter Charles Randolph (The Big Short) seem to be crafting a work that's a direct response to the upsetting political miasma that's overwhelmed America since the Great Tweeting Moron took office. The fact that they've got something cooking that's attracted performers of this magnitude just shot the movie up this writer's "must see immediately" list. 

No release date has been assigned to Fair and Balanced as of yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar we'll update you as more comes along. Now, who the hell is going to play King Toad himself, Roger Ailes? Sound off in the comments below with your choice.