The First FOREVER Trailer Perfectly Captures The Drudgery of Middle Age

In which Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen get their own Amazon series.

Much like the concepts of "infinity" or "liking Transformers movies", the idea of "forever" is an abstract, a concept the human mind really isn't equipped to deal with. Sure, you think you get it ... but do you, really? Forever's a long-ass time. Forever is longer than an all-morning wait at the DMV, or a night spent sleeping it off in county, or every season of Netflix's Daredevil strung end to end, a thousand times over. Maybe it's better that we can't grasp such concepts.

Anyway, Forever is also a new Amazon series starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, and seems to be tackling the sinking feeling that comes with navigating middle age. What do you do when you've been married for years, run out of things to talk about, and find yourself stuck in a rut?

This trailer doesn't offer any solution to the drudgery that comes with a predictable life, but this official plot synopsis does offer a clue as to where Forever might lead us:

"Married couple June (Rudolph) and Oscar (Armisen) live a comfortable but predictable life in suburban Riverside, CA. For 12 years they’ve had the same conversations, eaten the same meals and taken pleasant vacations at the same rented lake house. But after June talks Oscar into shaking things up with a ski trip, the pair find themselves in completely unfamiliar territory."

Forever comes to us from Master of None's Alan Yang and 30 Rock's Matt Hubbard (the pair also worked together on Parks and Rec, should you need further receipts), and - in addition to Rudolph and Armisen - will also feature supporting work from Catherine Keener, Noah Robbins and Kym Whitley. We're into everything going on here, and will definitely be giving Forever a look when it hits Amazon on September 14th.

How 'bout you folks? Into this as much as we are? Sound off below.