Paramount’s Making a Movie About a Haunted Podcast or Something

The short "Meet Jimmy" will become a feature film via Platinum Dunes.

According to Deadline, Paramount has just won a fierce bidding war for the right to produce a new feature based on the short film Meet Jimmy. Directed by Dutch filmmakers David-Jan Bronsgeest and Tim Koomen, the short tells the story of a haunted podcast or some shit, I don't know.

Says Deadline:

"Full details are being kept quiet, but the short revolves around a mysterious podcast that once listened to, has horrific consequences, much worse than the occasional ear bleeding and unpleasantness caused by listening to the podcast I do periodically with Peter Bart. Sources compare Meet Jimmy to The Ring and A Nightmare On Elm Street, with a zeitgeist hook ... They see it as a potential franchise."

You can kinda see where this is headed: you listen to the podcast, and then - some undetermined amount of time later - you die. Or burst into flames. Or have a piano fall on you while you're outside watering your garden. Maybe a demon appears (a podcast demon!), who then tears you to pieces or whatever. Your mileage may vary on this concept, but we're picturing something that looks a lot like a 90-minute da share z0ne meme (which, by the way, kinda feels perfect, because this haunted podcast movie will be produced by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes).

We're breaking this project's balls, but - to be fair - maybe it'll end up being a blast. It'd probably be easier to predict the odds were we actually able to see the short film on which Meet Jimmy (or whatever it ends up being called) will be based, but as far as we can tell the short isn't currently available online.

So instead we're gonna watch this again:

You're welcome.

Stay tuned for more on Meet Jimmy as it becomes available, and don't listen to any suspicious podcasts in the meantime.

(Note: Header photo used with permission via Public Domain Pictures)