Watch This BRICK Remake Parodying The LAST JEDI Remake

An idea so good, it could save the galaxy.

Remember that fan remake of The Last Jedi? You know, the one that was going to make Old Luke Skywalker a gnarly badass, put all the womens in their damselly place, cut the most imaginative sequence in the film, and recast Poe Dameron as the most-informed X-wing pilot in the galaxy? Yeah, well, despite continued Twitter insistence and an alleged $410 million in crowdfunding pledges, that isn't happening.

What has happened, however, is that a group of filmmakers, led by YouTuber Dana James Jones, have created their own Rian Johnson remake. Entitled Star Wars: Revenge of the Incels, it's a remake of freaking Brick, recasting the central mystery around the harrassment of Kelly Marie Tran and the inception of the "fan" remake. Per the YouTube description:

We love Rose in The Last Jedi so in response to Kelly Marie Tran deleting her Instagram posts because of online harassment, we made this parody about the people that want to remake The Last Jedi.

This is some clever shit, so check it out:

The attention to detail here is kind of extraordinary. Every character from Brick has been recast as a figure from modern Star Wars, from lead character Rian Johnson to Kathleen Kennedy and even Lord & Miller. They went to the actual Brick locations and recreated scenes with remarkable detail. Even the dialogue matches Brick's kid-noir patter, peppered with jokes about Star Wars and the kind of fandom that would demand a remake in the first place. It's a really solid short film, to say nothing of the brilliance of remaking Brick as a parody of toxic fandom, in support of "all the strong females across the galaxy."

Now, I guess the question is: who's going to remake The Brothers Bloom first?