Joe Arpaio’s WHO IS AMERICA? Appearance is Somehow Even More Embarrassing Than Expected

In which Arizona's former sheriff admits he'd let Trump blow him.

The latest episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? aired last night, and once again we were treated to the sight of an out-of-touch conservative saying a series of incredibly embarrassing things. Last night, it was Sheriff Joe Arpaio's turn to take a trip through the Uh-Oh Machine.

The segment marked the first appearance of a new Cohen character, a Finnish YouTube personality by the name of OMGWhizzBoyOMG. Context clues tell us that OMGWhizzBoyOMG is famous for his cheerful unboxing videos and childlike disposition, two factors which only serve to make Arpaio's cranky, baffled, inherently evil presence all the more surreal. 

Then it gets really weird.

Yes, that's Sacha Baron Cohen as OMGWhizzBoyOMG, somehow managing to get Joe Arpaio (who, it's worth noting, is currently seeking the Republican nomination to run for Senator in Arizona) to admit that he'd let Donald Trump give him a blowjob. And telling Cohen that Trump would enjoy his "golden shower" talk. And trying to explain America's ongoing firearm debate to a 2" plastic donut named D'lish.

This isn't quite as humiliating as the recent appearance Georgia republican Jason Spencer made on the show (for one thing, Arpaio kept his ass in his pants), but it's close. 

Did you tune in to last night's episode? Did you find the rest to be as much of a mixed bag as I did? Do you want to share these thoughts and feelings with your fellow Birth.Movies.Death. readers? If so, please head on down to the comments section and do so now. We're always curious to hear other people's reactions to this madness.