WB Now Working On A Big Ol’ SUPERGIRL Movie

Pretty soon they will just have ALL their properties in development.

I have high hopes for the kinder, happier DC Cinematic Universe we seem to be kind of almost getting in the years ahead. There are some projects that might not adhere to the new tone (I’m looking at you, weird-ass Joker movie), but stuff like Aquaman, Shazam! and the bit of Wonder Woman 1984 we saw at Comic-Con indicate the studio has started going back on filling their films with miserable characters who all hate each other.

So there is optimism instead of dread at the idea of a new Supergirl movie, which is apparently happening now. According to Deadline, Oren Uziel (writer of, well, The Cloverfield Paradox) has been hired to write a script. We don’t know anything else right now, as in, whether Superman will show up. And while I’m sure most of us would prefer if they just have Melissa Benoist play the role, it’s doubtful they’ll go that way.

Keeping all WB’s proposed superhero films straight does get a little confusing, and I have a feeling a lot of the titles we’ve been told about won’t get made or will mutate into other projects, but here’s hoping they get this one out there and do it well. The world could use a great Supergirl movie.