That Chris Pratt COWBOY NINJA VIKING TURTLES Movie Is Probably No Longer A Thing

If you forgot about it, go ahead and stay in that lane.

Let’s start at the beginning. Once upon a time, AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo made a comic book called Cowboy Ninja Viking, which was about an assassin who I guess has all the badass qualities of a cowboy, ninja and viking.

Along came Chris Pratt’s stardom. The star and the comic met at a party, did a few too many shots, and become a major motion picture production that would harness Pratt’s charms and mix it with a bunch of nerdy shit people seem to love.

And they even got a great director for it! Incredible television director Michelle MacLaren did some shots too, and decided to jump on for the ride!

Yet today, something has gone horribly wrong with the project. We don’t know what yet, but THR claims Cowboy Ninja Viking has been delayed. Not just a little but indefinitely. It has also been pulled from next year’s release schedule. The party is over for now.

This feels so sudden and final. Only wild speculation can follow. It is apparently still in active development, but things do not sound good for the cowboy, ninja or viking. If you have a baseless, irresponsible theory for what’s going on, please do share them in the comments below!