Los Angeles: We’re Giving Away Tickets to See a Very Special Screening of DIE HARD

Want to watch DIE HARD on an actual LA rooftop?

It's hard to believe we've been watching inferior Die Hard ripoffs for a full thirty years now. Once upon a time, it was kind of novel to trap a lone hero in a different place (A battleship! A plane! A bus! A... ski resort?), but now it's been so long that we're just going right ahead and putting them in buildings again, as seen in this summer's Skyscraper (or maybe not seen, as it turns out).

But the first is still the best, and as it's the 30th anniversary of its (originally limited!) release, Alamo Drafthouse LA and The Bloc are putting together a special screening to commemorate the film and its most iconic image - that of Bruce Willis tying a fire hose around his chest and jumping from the exploding roof.

Yep, the screening is on a roof, under the LA "stars" (hey, sometimes you can see a couple of them!)  and with live music, drinks, etc to sweeten the deal. Tickets are available HERE, but we'd like to send one of you and a pal to join us in cheering at all the lines we know by heart.

To win, just comment below with your favorite Die Hard knockoff (including its own sequels) and why - I'll be picking a winner on Wednesday and letting them know, so please include your Twitter handle or some other easy way to contact you!

The screening is at 8pm on Thursday, August 9th, with doors opening at 630pm, so make sure you can be downtown for around that time if you want good seats for this general admission event! And if you're nervous about being on top of a building, just take off your shoes and make fists with your toes. Huge stress reliever.